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DC Mist Filter

DC is product of PRO-FILTR BRNO s.r.o. Company and is based on constructional line of products designated to exhaust and filtrate the aerosols.
It is centrifugal system with four stages of filtering divided to double dynamic filtration and double static filtration. Centrifugal system and organized flow of air ensure the regeneration of the filters and in this case the clogging of filters or decrease of their performance during exhausting is impossible.

DC installation doesn’t require professional assembly and by choosing the accessories it is possible to use supporting structure for fastening to wall, floor or use movable stands. Exhausting hosepipes are made to measure as well as hose for condensate discharge. Other range of accessories such as e.g. high-speed cast iron cutting with use of cutting fluid) or filter with active filling for caption of odours, pipe parts – Y-branches, control flap valves etc. make DC one of highly usable and variable devices among local aerosol exhausters.

Service of the device and the same for its installation doesn’t require professional assistance of PRO-FILTR BRNO s.r.o. Company and is done by ordinary devices.

PRO-FILTR PRO-FILTR BRNO s.r.o. Company ensures large technical support and advisory service, and professional service with use of emergency solution in 24 hours.

PDFDC Brochure - PDF (61 KB) PDFTechnical Specification - PDF (26 KB)